It’s about time I stopped being lazy and did another giveaway!

Giveaway starts today and ends on Tuesday, April 15th when I get my Wii U :3

Shiny Mew

Pokerus Rayquaza

Pokerus Shiny Rapidash


  1. 2 chances for each person 1 for reblogging and 1 for liking.
  2. 3 winners, I will assign numbers to the winners and that’s the order that the choice will be executed in.

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(Send me a message with your friend code + in game name and tell me that you want to be automatically entered so I can write down your info and contact you if you win any future giveaways.)

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Keep it up, I am wanting to add a nice edition to this lovely line-up!

A new challenger has appeared!

Lugia 100 Timid Nature :3

Screenshot of Lugia - X -